CPIC MEETING! August 20th @6pm

Hi All

The next CPIC meeting will be held on August 20th.  See details below.

What: CPIC (Communities-Police Interaction Committee) Meeting
Where:  Downtown Precinct (702 E. 11th St.)
When:  August 20th
Time:  6pm

Guest Speaker - Camilla Bibbs-Lee w/Hamilton County Coalition

Thanks so much!

Meeting Follow Up!

Hi Everyone!
We want to thank you for coming out to the SCPNA meeting on July 23rd @ Terminal Brewhouse. We had a great turn out with lots of interaction from our SouthSide neighbors. We discussed new developments in the neighborhood and updates to our priorities for the year. Meeting minutes attached below.
We need your votes!! Water Tower Park needs some improvements to the eroding hillside. The estimate is about $1500.00. We will send out the proposal via email. Please send us your votes and tell us if you support the improvement project.
We need your nominees!! Board Nominees needed for the 2016-2017 term. Please email your nominations to sscowart@gmail.com.
Next SCPNA Meeting
SouthSide Block Party - October 3rd - More details to follow!
Thanks again for doing your part to keep SouthSide beautiful!!
SCPNA Executive Officers
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Website: SSCowart.com
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SCPNA Meeting Minutes - 7/23/15


Date/Time: July 23, 2015 @ 6pm
Location:  Terminal Brewhouse (3rd Floor)


1.)  Welcome

2.)  Voice of Southside: Introduce yourself, where you live, and answer the question, “What
       would you want to see in your ‘hood?”

3.)  Budget and Membership Report
      a.)  SCPNA Budget to date - $4,472.70
      b.)  Membership numbers - (in process)

4.)  Guest Speaker - Adam Kinsey
       - Updates on Choo Choo Hotel & Track 29
       - Renovations include updated hotel rooms, new seafood restaurant and music venue 
         opening in September 2015

5.)  New Treasurer & 2016 Board Nominees
      a.)  We are in need of a Treasurer to finish out the 2014-2015 term.  Please email your
            recommendations to sscowart@gmail.com
      b.)  We are in need of nominees for the 2016-2017 SCPNA executive office.  Please email your
             recommendations to sscowart@gmail.com

6.)  Neighborhood Developments
      a.)  New Chinese Restaurant - building behind Terminal; opening next year
      b.)  Feed Co. Table & Tavern - new restaurant in the Craftworks building; opening on August 4th
      c.)  Grants Auto Glass - 50 apartments & office spaces, 40 parking spaces; being built by GreenTech homes
      d.)  Package Store @ 17th & Broad - opening in September
      e.)  SouthSide Storage Building - construction beside Pilgrims Pride Processing Plant

7.)  Neighborhood Priorities 2014-2015
  • Murals 
   a.) We are still working on the Craftworks building.  Mural painting on the St. George Building
         with River City Co. & Kevin Bates will be August 1st.   
  • Electric Bus Route
   a.) in process
  • Complete Streets (Bike Lanes/Crosswalks on Main/Speed Control)
   a.) still in the works
   b.) suggestions from members - 
        - neighborhood parking system - Fort Wood is a good example of successfully implementing
          a residential parking system with stickers for residents’ cars.  We will need to complete a petition 
          and follow guidelines to get it started.  Need to get a hardcopy of the petition from Councilman 
  • Community Garden
   a.) please email suggestions to sscowart@gmail.com 
  • Rezoning
   a.) Lloyd Longnion - update
  • Dog Waste Stations
   a.)  working on more trash cans throughout SouthSide; copied Councilman Anderson on
         previous emails to Tony Madewell
  • Street Lighting
   a.)  please email suggestions to sscowart@gmail.com  
  • Trees
   a.)  planted over 60 trees in November 2014; there may still be available funds for more trees per
         Gene Hyde                 

8.)  Estimate 590 Phillips-Creasey 
      - This is a work estimate for updates to landscaping @ Water Tower Park.  The cost will be $1500.00.  We need
        votes from members on whether or not to proceed.

9.)  Updates/Concerns From SCPNA Members
      -  Chocolate City - Pastor Calvin Keller, Cornerstone Church, spoke of concerns with loud music in the 
         church parking lot and street adjacent after venue closes.  Please report any incidents to Lt. Foster.
      -  EMT Station - siren use in the neighborhood is an ongoing issue.  Steps to correct the issue?
      -  Pole down in roundabout @ 17th & Cowart St - we are forwarding our emails to Councilman Anderson
         for assistance.

 10.) Next Meeting - October 3rd - SouthSide Block Party - Time: TBA