SCPNA Meeting Minutes - 7/23/15


Date/Time: July 23, 2015 @ 6pm
Location:  Terminal Brewhouse (3rd Floor)


1.)  Welcome

2.)  Voice of Southside: Introduce yourself, where you live, and answer the question, “What
       would you want to see in your ‘hood?”

3.)  Budget and Membership Report
      a.)  SCPNA Budget to date - $4,472.70
      b.)  Membership numbers - (in process)

4.)  Guest Speaker - Adam Kinsey
       - Updates on Choo Choo Hotel & Track 29
       - Renovations include updated hotel rooms, new seafood restaurant and music venue 
         opening in September 2015

5.)  New Treasurer & 2016 Board Nominees
      a.)  We are in need of a Treasurer to finish out the 2014-2015 term.  Please email your
            recommendations to
      b.)  We are in need of nominees for the 2016-2017 SCPNA executive office.  Please email your
             recommendations to

6.)  Neighborhood Developments
      a.)  New Chinese Restaurant - building behind Terminal; opening next year
      b.)  Feed Co. Table & Tavern - new restaurant in the Craftworks building; opening on August 4th
      c.)  Grants Auto Glass - 50 apartments & office spaces, 40 parking spaces; being built by GreenTech homes
      d.)  Package Store @ 17th & Broad - opening in September
      e.)  SouthSide Storage Building - construction beside Pilgrims Pride Processing Plant

7.)  Neighborhood Priorities 2014-2015
  • Murals 
   a.) We are still working on the Craftworks building.  Mural painting on the St. George Building
         with River City Co. & Kevin Bates will be August 1st.   
  • Electric Bus Route
   a.) in process
  • Complete Streets (Bike Lanes/Crosswalks on Main/Speed Control)
   a.) still in the works
   b.) suggestions from members - 
        - neighborhood parking system - Fort Wood is a good example of successfully implementing
          a residential parking system with stickers for residents’ cars.  We will need to complete a petition 
          and follow guidelines to get it started.  Need to get a hardcopy of the petition from Councilman 
  • Community Garden
   a.) please email suggestions to 
  • Rezoning
   a.) Lloyd Longnion - update
  • Dog Waste Stations
   a.)  working on more trash cans throughout SouthSide; copied Councilman Anderson on
         previous emails to Tony Madewell
  • Street Lighting
   a.)  please email suggestions to  
  • Trees
   a.)  planted over 60 trees in November 2014; there may still be available funds for more trees per
         Gene Hyde                 

8.)  Estimate 590 Phillips-Creasey 
      - This is a work estimate for updates to landscaping @ Water Tower Park.  The cost will be $1500.00.  We need
        votes from members on whether or not to proceed.

9.)  Updates/Concerns From SCPNA Members
      -  Chocolate City - Pastor Calvin Keller, Cornerstone Church, spoke of concerns with loud music in the 
         church parking lot and street adjacent after venue closes.  Please report any incidents to Lt. Foster.
      -  EMT Station - siren use in the neighborhood is an ongoing issue.  Steps to correct the issue?
      -  Pole down in roundabout @ 17th & Cowart St - we are forwarding our emails to Councilman Anderson
         for assistance.

 10.) Next Meeting - October 3rd - SouthSide Block Party - Time: TBA    

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