SCPNA Q1 Meeting Follow-Up!!

Hi Everyone!

Happy February!  We want to thank everyone who came out to our January 28th meeting at Mean Mug.  It was our largest attendance in awhile and we received nearly $500 in dues bringing our paid membership to 19!! Let's keep up the momentum and continue to encourage our neighbors to attend meetings and get involved in the 'hood.  We introduced our new board and a new structure for delegating ideas.  Please see new titles and task areas for each board member below:

Collaboration - Dan Rose 
Membership - James Holland
Initiatives - Roger Rupp
Communication - Stacey Weaver
Treasurery/Administration - Bobby Ankar (dues, 

We also brainstormed new tasks for 2016.  Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas!  We will narrow them down and capture the ideas in a shortened list and email to members shortly.  Meeting minutes from January 28th are attached. 

Reminder:  Please clean up after your pets!!!  This is an ongoing area of concern for neighbors across SouthSide.  We set a precedent 2 years ago when we installed our first dog waste station.  The response has been great and neighbors are using them!  There are waste stations located in Water Tower Park, the roundabout at Cowart & 17th, and the ping-pong park on 14th st. beside the English Tea Room.  There's also a pull bag station on 17th st. across from the fountain park.  We're taking it a step further and putting together a flyer to distribute to neighbors.  We'll need volunteers to help pass them out.  Stay tuned.

Block Party! We're brainstorming dates and times for a neighborhood block party this year!  We'll keep you posted.

Next Meeting - April 21st - 6pm - Location: TBA

Thanks for doing your part to keep SouthSide beautiful!
Stacey Weaver
SCPNA Secretary 

Website: Southside Historic District
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Location:  Mean Mug (114 W. Main St.)
Date/Time: January, 28 2016 @6pm

Meeting Agenda

1.)  Welcome 2016 (43 attendees)

2.)  Voice of Southside: Introduce yourself, where you live, and answer the question, “What
       would you like to see in your ‘hood?”
       a.) 2016 'tasks' brainstorm -
            - new pavement for 17th street.         - parking on Williams St.
            - grocery store.                                   - waste bins
            - crosswalk by Clydes.                       - traffic/speed Market/Main
            - block party.                                       - newly planted trees - maintenance/volunteers
            - navigable sidewalks.                        - dog waste in SouthSide
            - developments by detail shop.           - membership list via email
            - proactive traffic plans as SS grows   - city initiative to improve sidewalks, parking, etc
            - addressing poorly lit areas                - trees/landscaping on Main St.
            - collaboration w/surrounding NA's.     - Form Based code
            - greeting/inviting new neighbors to mtgs. (public records of new deeds)
            - welcome member packets.                - permanent parking permits (Ft. Wood example)

3.)  Budget and Membership Review 
      a.) 21 Paid Members for 2015
      b.) Account Balance as of 1/28/16 - $2392.54 (balance as of 2/8/16 - $2867.54)
      c.) Membership Dues for 2016 - $25/yr.
             - Cash or Check (19 paying members from meeting)
             - Paypal - will be updated soon 
             - Venmo - proposed new payment method

4.) 2016/2017 Board Members
     a.) Introduction of new board
          - President - Dan Rose (Collaboration)
          - Vice President - James Holland (Membership)
          - Treasurer - Bobby Ankar (Treasurey/Administration)
          - Secretary - Stacey Weaver (Communication)
          - Initiatives - Roger Rupp (Initiatives)
     b.) Objections?
     c.) Discuss new SCPNA board structure (see parenthesis next to each board member name above)

5.)  2015 Review & 2016 Goals (Please review at your leisure)
      A.)  2015 'Work In Progress' Initiatives
Complete Streets (Bike Lanes/Crosswalks/Speed Control) 
   a.) Ongoing
Dog Waste Stations
            a.) waiting on approval of more trash cans
            b.) 1 waste station to put in ground
      B.) Neighborhood brainstorm for 2016 goals
           - (see section 2 above)

6.) Contact Information
     a.) Facebook:
     b.) Next Door: - SouthSide historic district 
     c.) Email:
     d.) Blog: 

Next Meeting April 21, 2016
Location: TBA    Time: 6pm

SCPNA 1st Quarter Meeting - January 28th - Mean Mug - 6PM

Hi Everyone!

Just a friendly reminder!! Our first SCPNA meeting for the year will be at Mean Mug this Thursday, January 28th @6PM.  

We will be passing out door hangers tonight and tomorrow.  If you would like to help out (we would love it!) please email us at w/your street address and we'll drop some by your door step.  

We look forward to seeing you all there!

RPA Form-Based Code Meeting - Monday, December 14th @5:30p

Hi Everyone,

The Regional Planning Agency (RPA) is in the proces of replacing the zoning in the downtown area with a new regulatory tool that promotes high quality, urban, walkable development.  You can find out more about this tool, called Form-Based Code, on the project website at

SouthSide Cowart Place is located in the proposed zoning area.  There are 3 seperate meetings for MLK & SouthSide, Riverfront & City Center and North Shore.  The meeting for SouthSide is scheduled for Monday, December 14th @5:30pm.  You are welcome to attend any and all meetings.  Light refreshments will be served.

The meeting schedule is as follows:

MLK and SouthSide - Monday, December 14th - 5:30pm
Riverfront and City Center - Thursday, December 17th - 12:00pm
North Shore - Thursday, December 17th - 5:30pm

All meetings will be held at the Development Resource Center @1250 Market Street.

Thanks for doing your part to keep SouthSide beautiful!
SCPNA Executive Officers

Website: Southside Historic District

CPIC MEETING! August 20th @6pm

Hi All

The next CPIC meeting will be held on August 20th.  See details below.

What: CPIC (Communities-Police Interaction Committee) Meeting
Where:  Downtown Precinct (702 E. 11th St.)
When:  August 20th
Time:  6pm

Guest Speaker - Camilla Bibbs-Lee w/Hamilton County Coalition

Thanks so much!

Meeting Follow Up!

Hi Everyone!
We want to thank you for coming out to the SCPNA meeting on July 23rd @ Terminal Brewhouse. We had a great turn out with lots of interaction from our SouthSide neighbors. We discussed new developments in the neighborhood and updates to our priorities for the year. Meeting minutes attached below.
We need your votes!! Water Tower Park needs some improvements to the eroding hillside. The estimate is about $1500.00. We will send out the proposal via email. Please send us your votes and tell us if you support the improvement project.
We need your nominees!! Board Nominees needed for the 2016-2017 term. Please email your nominations to
Next SCPNA Meeting
SouthSide Block Party - October 3rd - More details to follow!
Thanks again for doing your part to keep SouthSide beautiful!!
SCPNA Executive Officers
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Website: Southside Historic District

SCPNA Meeting Minutes - 7/23/15


Date/Time: July 23, 2015 @ 6pm
Location:  Terminal Brewhouse (3rd Floor)


1.)  Welcome

2.)  Voice of Southside: Introduce yourself, where you live, and answer the question, “What
       would you want to see in your ‘hood?”

3.)  Budget and Membership Report
      a.)  SCPNA Budget to date - $4,472.70
      b.)  Membership numbers - (in process)

4.)  Guest Speaker - Adam Kinsey
       - Updates on Choo Choo Hotel & Track 29
       - Renovations include updated hotel rooms, new seafood restaurant and music venue 
         opening in September 2015

5.)  New Treasurer & 2016 Board Nominees
      a.)  We are in need of a Treasurer to finish out the 2014-2015 term.  Please email your
            recommendations to
      b.)  We are in need of nominees for the 2016-2017 SCPNA executive office.  Please email your
             recommendations to

6.)  Neighborhood Developments
      a.)  New Chinese Restaurant - building behind Terminal; opening next year
      b.)  Feed Co. Table & Tavern - new restaurant in the Craftworks building; opening on August 4th
      c.)  Grants Auto Glass - 50 apartments & office spaces, 40 parking spaces; being built by GreenTech homes
      d.)  Package Store @ 17th & Broad - opening in September
      e.)  SouthSide Storage Building - construction beside Pilgrims Pride Processing Plant

7.)  Neighborhood Priorities 2014-2015
  • Murals 
   a.) We are still working on the Craftworks building.  Mural painting on the St. George Building
         with River City Co. & Kevin Bates will be August 1st.   
  • Electric Bus Route
   a.) in process
  • Complete Streets (Bike Lanes/Crosswalks on Main/Speed Control)
   a.) still in the works
   b.) suggestions from members - 
        - neighborhood parking system - Fort Wood is a good example of successfully implementing
          a residential parking system with stickers for residents’ cars.  We will need to complete a petition 
          and follow guidelines to get it started.  Need to get a hardcopy of the petition from Councilman 
  • Community Garden
   a.) please email suggestions to 
  • Rezoning
   a.) Lloyd Longnion - update
  • Dog Waste Stations
   a.)  working on more trash cans throughout SouthSide; copied Councilman Anderson on
         previous emails to Tony Madewell
  • Street Lighting
   a.)  please email suggestions to  
  • Trees
   a.)  planted over 60 trees in November 2014; there may still be available funds for more trees per
         Gene Hyde                 

8.)  Estimate 590 Phillips-Creasey 
      - This is a work estimate for updates to landscaping @ Water Tower Park.  The cost will be $1500.00.  We need
        votes from members on whether or not to proceed.

9.)  Updates/Concerns From SCPNA Members
      -  Chocolate City - Pastor Calvin Keller, Cornerstone Church, spoke of concerns with loud music in the 
         church parking lot and street adjacent after venue closes.  Please report any incidents to Lt. Foster.
      -  EMT Station - siren use in the neighborhood is an ongoing issue.  Steps to correct the issue?
      -  Pole down in roundabout @ 17th & Cowart St - we are forwarding our emails to Councilman Anderson
         for assistance.

 10.) Next Meeting - October 3rd - SouthSide Block Party - Time: TBA    

Reminder!! Next SCPNA Meeting Thursday, July 23rd @Water Tower Park - 6pm

Hi Everyone!

Come join us for Pizza and Beer this Thursday!!! 

What:  SouthSide Cowart Place Neighborhood Association Meeting
When:  Thursday, July 23rd at 6:00pm
Where:  Water Tower Park

Additional Info:  All SCPNA friends and neighbors welcome!!  The Chess Pavilion has limited seating.  Please bring a blanket or chair. 

****We will be passing out door hangers in the neighborhood on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We need all the help we can get with this!!  Please inbox us on FB or email at to volunteer!****

We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

Thanks so much!
SCPNA Executive Officers

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