Time: Thursday July 18 2013 @ 6pm
Location:  Enzo’s Patio     Main @ Long   

Agenda/ Minutes
1) Welcome: Heidi Hefferlin, President
Voice of Southside:
Introduce yourself by name, address, time in neighborhood, answer question:

“Most important activity your neighborhood association is and/or should be doing?”

3) Approval of Minutes, Budget and Membership Report (posted on website)

4) Task Force Reports:

Liaison Task Force:
   New Economic and Community Development Director, Donna Williams (previously    Neighborhood Services)
   Ft. Negley Neighborhood Assn. Status – Kerrick Johnson
  Jefferson Heights Neighborhood Assn. Status– Mike Fulbright
  District 7 City Councilman Anderson
  District 4 & 6 County Commissioners Graham and Mackey;District 8 Boyd

Open Space Task Force:
Status of Water Tower Park Campaign
Announcement of Water Tower Park Collaboration Project

Safety Task Force:
Report of safety concerns
Neighborhood Walks plans

Public Relations Task Force:
 Planned activity?

Break Out Session Verify Priorities for Neighborhood Assn.
 (If Time Available)

5) Volunteer Solicitation for Task Forces

6) Wrap Up

NOTICE: Next meeting:  October 2013

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