Meeting Notes

Time: April 12th, 2012 (Thursday) @ 6pm Location: Mean Mug

Call to order- Heidi Hefferlin, President

Guests: Tiffany Robinson of Rivercity gave a brief update on clean and green scheduled for April the 21st. They thanked the association for the continued involvement.

Vote to approve the January 19, 2011 meeting’s minutes : approved

Treasurer’s Report- Cynthia Nesson reported we have $2,508.57 in the bank. 

Committee Updates

*Safety Committee: Heidi Hefferlin/Teal Thibaud - Neighborhood Watch update, Neighborhood walk scheduled for May 1st 6:00PM, speed control update – needs signatures which Teal Thibaud, Mary Eubanks Dave Cochran and Adam Kinsey will work on. 

*Liaison Committee: Tom Prevost - Priority Project: Steve Farley volunteered to head this committee. He was approved and will assume the leadership. 

*Public Space Committee: Lloyd Longnion He gave a report on clean and green. The event is scheduled for April the 21st from 8:30-12:30. All participants are to meet by the water tower at 8:15 and go together to Miller plaza to pick up supplies. RiverCity will assign our area for clean up. 

*Park Update – Craig Kronenberg and William Shealy reported progress. Members: Craig Kronenberg, William Shealy, Cynthia Watson, Stroud Watson, John Fellers, Bill Murcheson, Katja Bruells, Jeanette Winn

*Public Relations Committee: Mary Ann Eubanks/ Cynthia Nesson – New stationary and note cards – Cynthia has received the new stationary and notes cards. They are available for use.  Members: Cynthia Nesson, Mary Eubanks, Rebecca Cruz, Jeff Styles, Myra Ireland

Community Visioning  

Craig Kronenberg and Bruce Simonson 
Heidi Hefferlin stated that being proactive as a neighborhood will increase our political power to effect change and requested that groups note important issues that need change going into the future. The items identified will become issues we will address with the city and through our association moving forward. The groups noted the following goals/needs: 

*Create Gateways to our neighborhood at the four major intersections (Broad and main, 20th and Broad, 20th and Market and Market and Main Streets.
*Implement Speed control on Cowart, Long and Williams. There is a desire to also limit truck traffic on these streets and direct trucks to Broad Street.
*Complete the Pocket Park at Battle Academy. 
*Create a seating area with benches and trash cans in the current tree Alley 
parallel to 14th street 
*Define the parking on Main Street so that crossing Main Street is safer. 
*Clean up the intersection of 20th and Market Street. It is a crime spot and not an 
attractive entrance to the City. 
*Replace the street lighting with pedestrian scale lights that do not create light
*Separate the sewer and storm water. 
*Underground the utilities. 
*Repair and replace the broken sidewalks. The goal is to have safe attractive sidewalks on all streets. 
*Plant street trees on the west side of Cowart between 18th and 20th street. 
*Get the city to address maintenance of problem lots such as the un-mown lots at 
Williams and 19th. 

Event Planning Sub-committee: 

No date was discussed for a spring neighborhood potluck. This event may be postponed to the October – Cynthia Nesson 

Invite neighbors to join and pay dues – Katia Peters, Steve Farley and Shannon Smith and Lois Breden all paid dues 


NOTICE: Next meeting: July 12th, 2012

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