Hello South Side Crime Busters (August 30, 2011)

August 30, 2011

Hello South Side Crime Busters,

Or, so I have dubbed all those that came to the meeting at Planet Altered. Here are the highlights I captured from the neighborhood security meeting held August 25, 2011 with Sargent Craig Joel as our guest speaker. Joel’s one liners are classic!

Big thanks to Julie Harris who dropped by with some samples of pepper spray. She is going to follow up and check that the % is adequate potency as it was difficult to tell from the packaging.

Please find Mary Eubanks notes below mine which have additional information.
  • “Empower yourself! You have property rights, store owner rights and human rights.” – Sgt. Joel
  • “You do not have to welcome everyone into your stores.” – Sgt. Joel
  • “As distance decreases, danger increases.” - Sgt. Joel Pepper spray is recommended, the highest per-cent of Oleoresin Capsicum available up to 10% with a long shooting range.
  • “Criminals don’t act reasonably and have no concern for your property; a civilized mentality does not apply.” – Sgt. Joel
  • “Don’t create an invitation for crime and keep your area well lit, cockroaches don’t like bright lights.” – Sgt. Joel
  • “If you are accosted, focus on being a witness, starting from the head down. Note the color of hair, cap, tattoos, earrings, piercings, clothing and colors of clothing. Note height, weight and any unusual characteristics. Close your eyes and remember then write it down” – Sgt. Joel
  • Report graffiti and post no-loitering signs. Lettering on signs must be a minimum of 2 inches tall. Signs must be posted for the police to take action.
  • There are 42 documented gangs in the city.
  • Call the police if you see suspect activity.

Notes from Mary Eubanks

Non-Emergency number - 698-2525 - goes to dispatch

Tagging on street signs, photograph, locate and call 311 to report.
Tagging / graffiti on building (especially absentee owner buildings) call 311 to report and request City Code Inspection.

Existing Street / alley lights - Identify pole # and call 311 or EPB

Blocking of sidewalks is a violation, call non-emergency number? or 311? if this is a repeating event. Photograph offenders at each opportunity.

Document with Photos all incidents using smart phone with SeeClickFix.com app and web page (available for android, iOS, Blackberry)
(open to suggestions for alternate tools).

To give police the authority to move along vagrants etc in private lots or drives, post "no loitering" and "no trespassing" signs with TWO inch letters prominently.

Pepper spray is probably the best option for home and business owners to have at hand. Look for 10% Oleoresin Capsicum Possibly with dye. Organize sign up for bulk purchase with associations.

Corliss Cooper (main st south) 643-5434 Cooper_c@chattanooga.gov
Eric Tucker (main st north) 643-5124 Tucker_eric@chatttanooga.gov
Captain Jeff Francis (sector captain ) 643-5042 Francis_Jeff@Chattanooga.gov

Budget discussion - See city council members. Posting on proposals at Chattarati.com antd Chattanooga.gov

Email Contacts Update

If you are suppose to be getting the Association emails and are not recieving them. Please send an email to sscowart@gmail.com with subject - Update my email.. and I'll work on it. You may receive a reply to sign up for the mailing list at the correct email. I'm not able to manually update the list any more.

Or you can enter you email below.  It should send you a confirmation back to verify susbscription. If not, follow up with email like above.

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Southside Safety Meeting - August 25, 6PM Planet Altered

Thanks to all who attended the meeting... If you are interested in joining one of the neighborhood associations, please email us at SSCowart@gmail.com or the other associations (I'll add emails when I get them.)
Also, I will be posting notes from the meeting after they've gone out to those who attended.

Hello Friends,

Given the recent crime wave in our backyard, I have invited Officer Craig Joel to Planet Altered on Thursday, August 25, 6:00 p.m. for a neighborhood awareness chat. He will connect us with our local police officers so they can be aware of the issues on their beat and help us learn the most effective way to deal with various types of crime in our shops and homes.

It will be an informal gathering and there will be time for questions. Please RSVP so I can set up chairs and make some coffee.

Yours in safety,

Jean and Linda
Planet Altered

Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes - July 14, 2011

Draft - July 14, 2011
Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

A. Cynthia Nesson ,Treasurer called the meeting to order at 6:10PM.
B. Membership – Reminder to pay dues and be ready to vote for new officers.
C. Meeting Minutes from 4/14/2011 were approved by unanimous member vote.
D. Treasurers Report – The bank balance is $1,791.00.
E. Website update:
Mary Eubanks demonstrated the website updates to sscowart.com. She encouraged members to use the seeclickfix feature for reporting problems in the neighborhood that need fixing. Just take a photo with your phone or camera and use the seeclickfix to push it to the website and our council members. Mary also reviewed the neighborhoodgoods.net for sharing items and the feature areas of the website that correspond to the committees. Anyone who has ideas for the website send them to sscowart@gmail.com.

E. Committee Reports:

Liaison Committee: Tom Prevost reported progress on determining the ownership of the parcel at 14th between Cowart and Market that has been identified as a potential park. The ownership is still unclear but the potential park use remains in play.

Liaison Committee – Armando Rodriguez – Chairperson, Tom Prevost-co-chair, Patty Streip, co-chair Chair, Stephen Fairley, Perry Storey, Carol Prevost, Chris Sorenson

PR Committee - Cynthia Nesson – Chairperson, Jeff Styles, Chris Sorenson, Myra Ireland, Mary Eubanks

# 1 Priority – Building murals on Chuck’s bar and the Main Street Warehouse Building to give identity to the neighborhood. – Chuck’s bar wall is still a possibility for a mural. Main Street Warehouse is not certain due to the upcoming office development that was just announced.
#2 Priority - Block Party in the fall to be organized by Angela Cochran and was planned for October 1st which would have conflicted with Wine over water. A new date will be set.
#3 develop a new business and Neighbor welcome package
#4 Develop a good neighbor program – Certificates were given to Steve Fairley and Chattanooga Closets.

Security Committee
John Stevens - Chair, Heidi Hefferlin - co-chair, Dave Cochran and Audrey Ceraff

#1 Priority – Speed Humps on Cowart Street between Main and 20th. The needed signatures are on file and the paperwork will be filed with the City next week. Heidi will also contact the City regarding the study that they promised in June.

#2 Priority – Crime prevention program – This effort was canceled due to lack of volunteer sign up.

Public Space Committee
Lloyd Lognion Chairperson, Craig Kronenberg, Cynthia Watson, Stroud Watson, Cynthia Nesson
# 1 Priority is a pocket park at Battle Academy that will be used by the school and the Neighborhood. Craig Kronenberg has met with Gary Waters of the School Board and attended a design Charrete with the school principal, Gary Waters, Trey Wheeler and Patty Streip. The next step is to go to the school Board and secure funding and approval. The School will continue to mow the grass and the neighborhood will need to prune trees, mulch and plant flowers. Lyndhurst is a potential contributor and Take Root will donate trees. Roughly $30,000 will need to be raised.
#2 priority Green Space at 14th Street- Potential Park – See report above from the Liaison Committee.
#3 Block Party – Angela Cochran will work on a fall block party – See above
Event Planning Sub Committee
Block Party – See notes above
Neighborhood night out – It was voted to participate. The volunteers for this event are: Cynthia Nesson, Mary Eubanks, Myra Maples, Perry and Cindy Storey.
Officer Nominations:
The offices of President and Treasurer are open for the 2012 election. If you want to run for office or nominate someone send your suggestions to sscowart@gmail.com

Neighborhood Services Project Funding:We have participated for the last three years. Projects suggestions that Debbie Johnson threw out were, House Banners, Stationary and Postage, Decals, business cards. Applications are due September 30th at 4:00PM.

Community Connections:
We are very proud that Tahnika Rodriguez won the Chattanooga Dancing with the Stars.
New Businesses are Chattanooga Closets at 1901 Broad, Dr. Farrar at Smile Studio on Main Street at 204 W Main Street and the Hot Chocolatier at Williams and Main Street.
Jeff Styles explained the “Bend on the Run” program to get music out in the community during RiverBend. Business or organizations that want a music venue next year should contact Tiffany at RiverCity.
Warren Mackey said a brief history of the community and his optimism regarding continued growth in Chattanooga and our neighborhood.

Meeting Adjourned!

Next Meeting October 13th 6:00PM

~2011 Southside officers~
President: Armando Rodriguez
Vice President: Lloyd Longnion
Secretary: Heidi Hefferlin
Treasurer: Cynthia Nesson

Officers Meeting - July 30 2011

July 30 2011

Present: Cynthia Nesson, Lloyd llonion, Heidi Hefferlin

Potential officers
Kim Campbell
Don Benedict
John Fellers
Adam Kinsey

Reprint certificates with correct spellings for last month -Heidi
Steve Fairely, Don Benedict, The Chattanooga Closet company

Next meeting give Craig Kronenberg a good neighbor certificate -Heidi
Neighborhood services Grant - Mailing and Stationary - Cynthia

Pocket park- Next phase - Fund raising
Talk to mayor- Heidi/Craig
Nea grant -Craig, Sarah Morgan and Cynthia Nesson
New landscape Company to assist with budgeting, buying and
Set in stone benches
City - lights

New neighbor welcome package - develop package with info and merchant
discounts- Armando
Cynthia will check with Debbie Johnson on new neighbor notification

Develop relationships with homeowner associations - Armando

Main Street Mural - Check Status of with Chris-Armando

Develop affiliation with Jefferson heights and Jefferson heights
neighborhood - consider a joint meeting yearly to strengthen
neighborhood relations - Lloyd

Speed study for Cowart has been filed with the city and we are waiting
for the review! - Heidi

Contact River City for September 10th cleanup - Lloyd

Chicken Plant Emission problems

Below is listed the contact for reporting odors or feathers from the Pilgrims Pride Chicken processing plant:

John Shultz
423-421-7502 cell
423-643-5988 office

He is with the Hamilton County Air Pollution Control Board.
Let's let John know that fowl smells and feathers are not what we want in our neighborhood.