October 13th 6:00PM Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

Draft - October 13th 6:00PM  
Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes (approved on 1/19/2012)

A. Heidi Hefferlin, Secretary called the meeting to order at 6:00PM at Niko’s
B. Call to approve officers Heidi Hefferlin as President and Mary Eubanks as Secretary and extend term for Cynthia Nesson as Treasurer w/ Lloyd Lognion as Vice President.  Unanimous member vote approves.
B. Membership – Reminder to pay dues and be ready to vote for new officers.
C. Meeting Minutes from 7/14/2011 were approved by unanimous member vote.
D. Treasurers Report – The bank balance is $1,791.00.
E. Pocket Park Design Update:
Craig Kronenberg presented the designs and budget for the pocket park.  A vote was called to approve the design and proceed with fundraising efforts.  Mary Eubanks displayed the designs for the website and posted them to the web site.
F. Committee Reports:

Liaison Committee: Tom Prevost reported continued contacts with city official and seeks help with attendance to city commitee meeting for traffic and parks department.

Liaison Committee – Armando Rodriguez – Chairperson, Tom Prevost-co-chair, Patty Streip, co-chair Chair, Stephen Fairley, Perry Storey, Carol Prevost, Chris Sorenson

PR Committee - Cynthia Nesson – Chairperson, Jeff Styles, Chris Sorenson, Myra Ireland, Mary Eubanks

# 1 Priority – Applied for grant from Neighborhood Services Project Funding: We have participated for the last three years. Projects is to provide Stationary and Postage, Decals, business cards. Applications were submitted September 30th at 4:00PM.  
#2 Priority - Block Party in the fall to be organized by Angela Cochran and was planned for October 1st which would have conflicted with Wine over water. A new date set at Nov. 5.
#3 Develop a new business and Neighbor welcome package which will be funded by the city gant
#4 Develop a good neighbor program – Certificates were given to Niko’s for hosting the event and providing screen for display..

Security Committee
John Stevens - Chair, Heidi Hefferlin - co-chair, Dave Cochran and Audrey Ceraff

#1 Priority – Speed Humps on Cowart Street between Main and 20th. Signatures collected, and study complete.  The test determined the location did not meet guidelines.
#2 Priority – Crime prevention program – Neighborhood watch is under development with block captians being recruited..

Public Space Committee
Lloyd Lognion Chairperson, Craig Kronenberg, Cynthia Watson, Stroud Watson, Cynthia Nesson
# 1 Priority is a pocket park at Battle Academy that will be used by the school and the Neighborhood. County and school boards have approved proposal to build pocket park. Roughly $30,000 will need to be raised.
#2 Block Party – Angela Cochran will work on a fall block party – See above

Event Planning Sub Committees
#3 Neighborhood night out failed to get off the ground.
#4 MainX24 Commitee to run Corn Hole Tournament - Carol Huckaby with assist from Mary Eubanks
Team to identify other fundrasing efforts - Allison Feller, Teal Teabald, Heidi Hefferlin
- EDIT - Carnival hosted at gym of Battle Academy to raise funds for Park.  Non profit rental of kit from Activity rental approved. 11/22/11

Meeting Adjourned!

Next Meeting Jan 12th 6:00PM

~2011 Southside officers~
President: Armando Rodriguez  Replaced by Heidi Hefferlin
Vice President: Lloyd Longnion
Secretary: Heidi Hefferlin  Replaced by Mary Eubanks
Treasurer: Cynthia Nesson

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