Pocket park meeting minutes - County and Schools

Attending Meeting...
Gary Waters - Hamilton County
George Ricks - HC School Board
Sounya Goss - Battle Academy
Patty Striep - Battle Academy
Trey Wheeler -
With SSCP Neighborhood Association
Cyhthia Nesson Craig Kronenberg Mary Eubanks

Meeting Objective was to determine level of support from school, school board, and County. Representative had the opportunity to review drawings and plans and provide feedback.
No major road blocks to park installation were identified.
Use of park area would be restricted to School during school hours. (as it is currently) Signs would be posted as reminders.
County would continue to mow, irrigation should come from Water Tower if possible, and lighting will be added.
No dense hedges will be installed and no fencing will be added.
Neighbor hood would be responsible for mulch, etc.
Lights would be selected to match existing street lights. County is agreable to supply power.

Neighborhood will proceed to establish support from City and local businesses.

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