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Chatt State Update.

Dear Neighborhood Association Presidents,

As you plan your neighborhood calendar, we’re writing to invite you to include Chattanooga State on your agenda.

For the first time, we’re offering regular Overview sessions to prospective students throughout our community. These sessions – which are free of charge – are designed to stimulate people who are thinking about college. While they’re hosted at Chattanooga State and provide lots of information about our programs, they’re about more than just Chattanooga State. We talk about scholarships, the process of applying to any college, and the many advantages of a college education.

The Overview, plus a campus tour with one of our Ambassadors, will make for a full and interesting day on our campus.

As a community college, one of our important missions is strengthening our whole region. We hope you’ll help us emphasize the quality educational options that are available right here in the Tennessee Valley. If you’re interested in scheduling an Overview with us, please contact Shirley Moore at 697-2689.

Also for your information, we will be glad to come to your neighborhood and speak to anyone or groups interested in attending college. My contact information is below if you would like for someone to come out speak.

Again, we’re looking forward to welcoming you and any groups to Chattanooga State or hearing from you to invite us out to speak with interested prospects in your neighborhoods.


Robin Smith

Coordinator, Recruitment Services

(423) 697-3227

Graphics for Boundary Expansion

Main X 24 - Meeting schedule and volunteers needed

The next meeting is October 20th at 5:30 pm @
green/spaces. I apologize for any confusion.

While we have your attention here are a couple of updates/request:

1) David Hudson met with the city last week and due to two other major
events/parades on December 5th, we will need 18 volunteers to man
intersections on the day of the parade. If you are willing to
Volunteer with parade, please email Roger Halligan @
2) Due to Jefferson Park not being completed the post parade event
will be at Battle Academy. The Parade will start this year at
Jefferson Park and end at Battle. We had tried to extend the parade
through Cowart Place but the City has asked we keep the same route as
last year (albeit, reversed).
3) Battle Academy is planning the post parade party which will include
a bake sale. If you are willing to bake some south side delights for
this day or wish to volunteer, please contact
4) Ellen Hays is coordinating the pancake breakfast and if you are
willing to volunteer for the breakfast or sell tickets, please contact
her directly @

Finally, if you are working on an event and have more details for us
to include in the schedule, please forward them to either (or all)
David, Katie or myself. We hope to put out a draft schedule next week
for everyone to see the great progress that is happening. We have
attached a copy of the latest draft schedule of known events in

David Hudson Ken Hays


Chattanooga Times Free Press

October issue of Common Ground now available

Follow this link:

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Pres. Mike Sparkman graduates Oct. 23

Attached is the link to register for the 11th Annual Neighborhood Conference. The dates of the conference are Thursday, October 22 and Friday, October 23. Your President, Mike Sparkman, will be graduating from the Neighborhood Leadership Institute. The graduation ceremony will be held at the conference on Friday. He is also displaying a project in the exhibit hall. The conference is free of charge for the neighborhoods. The conference workshops provide topics which promote community building, organizational development, and strategic tactics to empower neighborhood leaders and citizens.

I encourage you all to attend, enjoy the workshops, fellowship of other neighborhoods, and cheer Mike on!



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