Chatt State Update.

Dear Neighborhood Association Presidents,

As you plan your neighborhood calendar, we’re writing to invite you to include Chattanooga State on your agenda.

For the first time, we’re offering regular Overview sessions to prospective students throughout our community. These sessions – which are free of charge – are designed to stimulate people who are thinking about college. While they’re hosted at Chattanooga State and provide lots of information about our programs, they’re about more than just Chattanooga State. We talk about scholarships, the process of applying to any college, and the many advantages of a college education.

The Overview, plus a campus tour with one of our Ambassadors, will make for a full and interesting day on our campus.

As a community college, one of our important missions is strengthening our whole region. We hope you’ll help us emphasize the quality educational options that are available right here in the Tennessee Valley. If you’re interested in scheduling an Overview with us, please contact Shirley Moore at 697-2689.

Also for your information, we will be glad to come to your neighborhood and speak to anyone or groups interested in attending college. My contact information is below if you would like for someone to come out speak.

Again, we’re looking forward to welcoming you and any groups to Chattanooga State or hearing from you to invite us out to speak with interested prospects in your neighborhoods.


Robin Smith

Coordinator, Recruitment Services

(423) 697-3227

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