Speed Humps Petition

To All Association Members:  please see Facebook post from Katie Garcia below concerning speed control in SouthSide.  You can email Katie at garcia.katie@gmail.com. Thanks so much! 


My name is Katie Garcia and I live with my partner, Carol Huckaby on the 1800 block of Williams. I'm working to get the signatures needed for a petition to have speed humps placed between 17th and 19th. Those of you who live on our street know just how quickly folks speed down our street to get to the highway. If you live on the two blocks of Williams between 17th and 19th and want to sign the petition, please comment and I'll make time to connect with you. Thanks!

Hi Everyone!

We want to thank you all for your quick action on the Koch mural controversy.  Councilman Anderson's office has been inundated by positive responses, and according to recent newspaper articles, our Councilman is taking appropriate action on the topic.  If you wish to contact Councilman Chris Anderson please use either 423.619.7776 (cell) or 423.643.7180 (office).

Also, the "Save the Flying Donut Mural" petition on Change.org received more than 1450 signatures! Way to go! 

Thanks again for your continued dedication and support in the SouthSide community!
Our next SCPNA meeting is scheduled for July 17th @ Water Tower Park.  More information to follow.

Important Update from SCPNA: Our Stance on Murals and Current Koch Bakery Controversy

We, members of your SCPNA Executive Leadership Committee, encourage you, as members of SCPNA, to make your voice heard on the opportunity / challenge of producing murals as supported community art vs advertisement by taking one or both of the following actions:

1) Call and/or text our City Councilman, Chris Anderson at 423.619.7776 or 423.643.7180 before Tuesday, June 24th with the following message:
"As a member of the Southside Cowart Place Neighborhood Assoc. I request that you sponsor or support a review of the current Sign Board Ordinance regulating the creation of mural art in our neighborhood to make it more clearly differentiate between art and advertising."

2) If you support the effort to have the current Sign Board Ordinance reviewed in light of the controversy between the application of that ordinance to Koch Bakery's mural at 20th and Broad Street, then click on or copy and paste the following URL in your browser and sign the petition.

Thank you for your interest and concern for your neighborhood!

SCPNA Executive Committee
Dan Rose, Jay Martin, Stacey Weaver, Bruce Simonson

Community, Business and Government Liaison Log - 2014

Contact: Lloyd R Longnion  llongnion@gmail.com  206.931.4342

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