Crawfish Boil Success! Meeting Follow-Up!

Hi Everyone!

Thank you to all of our neighbors and friends for coming out to the Crawfish Boil and Association meeting last Thursday.  We has a great turn out, great food and beverages, great weather and great people!  Our meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of the last month in each quarter and we will continue to make them fun gatherings with a little bit of meeting rather than the other way around (why not, right?).

Special Shout Outs:

* New Members - Congrats! Now you're cool!
* Fort Negley & Jefferson Heights Representatives - let's keep up the momentum!
* Flying Squirrel - Awesome Craft Keg Beer!
* Doc Ben Lambert - Fantastic Cooker Award!
* Seth Toker - Communal Green Space/Main St Market - we're behind you 100%
* Bob Poore, Liz Fortanier, Natasha & Reed Durst, Eric Durham - for sponsoring dog waste stations!

We have posted the priorities to our website and Facebook page including Task Force Leaders for each priority.  If you are interested in helping out with any of these neighborhood improvements, please email us at or contact the Task Force Leaders directly to see how to get involved!

Priorities w/Task Force Contacts:

1.  Murals 
Heidi Hefferlin -
Jay Martin -

2.  Southside Electric Bus Route
Kerrick Johnson -

3.  Bike Lanes
Craig Kronenberg -

4.  Community Garden
Seth Toker -

5.  Main Street Crosswalks & Parking
Craig Kronenberg -

6.  Rezoning Evaluation
Lloyd Longnion -

7.  Dog Waste Stations
Stacey Weaver -

8.  Street Lighting
Lisa Miller -

9.  Trees

10. Speed Control

*****Next Meeting Thursday July 17, 2014***** - location suggestions are welcome!!

Like our Facebook page, follow it and we'll keep you posted on other neighborhood events.  We are also working on a Paypal account to pay dues directly! Stay tuned.  

Thanks so much!

Join as well!

January thru April Liaison Activity

January-February 2014

Zoning & Rezoning Priority:
Attending the Hamilton County-Chattanooga Regional Planning Commission Meeting (January 13) and City of Chattanooga Zoning Variance Board Meeting (February 5) were two opportunities we used to influence zoning related policy and process on behalf of our neighborhood.

Activity:  Regional Planning Commission Meeting January 13 2014
Attended RPC on Jan 13 with two neighborhood residents ( Bradford and Chumney) and presented SCPNA position on sidewalks and concern for saving old trees as associated with an agenda item on the approval of a plat for property on 19th between Long and Cowart Streets to be developed for 9 residential units.  Was told that our concerns were premature in that they referred to topics handled in construction permitting process. 
Result: Plat was approved and SCPNA concerns were entered into to formal minutes of the RPC meeting.

Associated Activity: 
On Feb 3rd received call from SCPNA re: tree removal on property on 19th between Cowart and Long Streets. 
Sent “311” alert to cease removal until City Forester Gene Hyde could verify fitness of tree and understand neighborhood preference for preservation.
Called Greg Haynes of RPA to remind him of our stated concern re: trees and sidewalks and was referred to Hyde’s “right hand man”. Hyde’ s associate called and we discussed situation and he assured me that he and Gene Hyde were aware of our concerns and would inspect tree and let us know what their decision was. 
Talked directly with Gene Hyde and he assured me he understood our position on the tree.  He indicated that we might have to take an either-or position on tree vs sidewalks.  I indicated that NA would want the challenge of proposing a “both” alternative to developer and City. 

Expected Outcome:  We (SCPNA) will have an opportunity to influence the construction of sidewalks and the retaining or removal of the old tree at the Long / Cowart and 19th property.

Activity: City of Chattanooga Board of Zoning Appeals  Feb 5 2014
Attended City of Chattanooga Board of Zoning Appeals on Feb 5th with Mary Bradford, resident at 1801 Long Street.  Made no formal presentation but introduced Ms. Bradford to Joda Thongnopnua, District 7’s representative on the Board.  Also, met Chris Henegar, the developer for the property associated with the agenda item on the Zoning Appeals Board meeting.
Result:  Made position of SCPNA regarding preserving the long-term residents of the neighborhood a priority as new development and developers continue to build in the area.

Activity: HC-Chatt Regional Planning Commission Meeting   Feb 10 2014
Attended the HC-C Regional Planning Commission to address a plat approval of property next to our residences at 17th and Long Streets. 
Expressed concerns:
No meeting notification of proximal residents for plat approval.
Accurate identification of ownership and address. 
Responsibility for construction and maintenance of private easement for utilities.
Was informed that the RPC had no obligation to notify property owners until variances are requested.  With C3 zoning, no variance was required as the original plot was designated for 5 condo units and the changed plat calls for 3 single-family residents.
With approval, name of owner will be changed from Stanton Row Partners LLC to Hedrick and addresses will be changed to reflect plans for three (108, 116, 128) single-family plots.
The responsibility for construction and maintenance of the 10 foot easement for utilities will be that of the homeowner’s association (Master Deed), not the City or new developer.
Recommended Action:
Call a special meeting of SRHOA to consider the impact of the development of the property to include an invitation of the new developer to consider the easement landscaping responsibility.

Activity: (2/11/14)
Generated memo to Ed LeCompte, Regional Planning Agency re: the advocacy of changing wording on RPA documentation re: sidewalk construction responsibility with regards to rezoning plat approvals etc.

“ Mr. LeCompte,
As we discussed via telephone on 2/11/14 in advance of the last Regional Planning Commission meeting, the Southside Cowart Place Neighborhood Association, has continued a priority initiative to enhance the safety and beauty of our neighborhood for the last two-years with an aggressive sidewalk restoration and construction campaign.  The City of Chattanooga’s Public Works Department, specifically Dennis Malone and his team, have been very helpful and supportive by addressing multiple projects we have brought to their attention. (see attached)
We want to continue this effort with the support of RPA and your Land Development office as you address rezoning requests that involve the construction of sidewalks.  As  you know, the current wording associated with the RPA Staff Recommendations documentation contains the wording: “Sidewalks may be required to be provided during the construction phase of each individual home.”  We advocate changing the wording to: “Sidewalks will be provided during the construction phase of each individual home, where possible.” 
Though modest in its goal, we feel that this simple change will lead to the appropriate level of encouragement for developers to provide an increase in the amount and condition of sidewalks in our neighborhoods.  As you know, the current documentation refers to “ the downtown plan” as a guide.  The following exerpt captures the spirit, if not the proposed practice, we encourage with this simple wording change: 

“Streetscape and the Public Realm: Buildings should relate to and complement the public realm. Streets and sidewalks are some of our most important public spaces. While the construction and maintenance of the public realm is typically the responsibility of the City, private development must be coordinated with these improvements and property owners are encouraged to supplement the City’s investment.
The type and placement of sidewalks, street trees, lighting, benches, waste receptacles and other street furniture should be consistent with City of Chattanooga’s standards and coordinated through the Public Works Department and the Planning & Design Studio.
Sidewalk widths should be a minimum of 10 feet in commercial areas and 5 feet in residential areas to encourage pedestrian activity.”

Mr. LeCompte, please assist us in this effort.  Provide us with the feasible next steps we should take to make these proposed changes part of the of the City’s effort to collaborate with residents, business owners and developers to carry out their responsibility of providing new and safer sidewalks for our neighborhoods.

Lloyd R Longnion
Liaison: Community, Business and Government
Southside Cowart Place Neighborhood Association Executive Board

March 18 2014 - Meeting with Gene Hyde re:  Tree Preservation/ Planting
Activity:  Dan, Bruce, Stacey convened a meeting with Craig Kronenberg and Gene Hyde, City of Chatt Forester, to discuss the availabilty of 100 trees throught a project offered by the Association for Community Trees and sponsored by CSX. 

Action:  Greg K will send his diagrams for the planting of 40+ trees in our neighborhood; Longnion will map out trees to be preserved within our area and contact adjacent neighborhood associations (Jefferson Heights and Fort Negley) to determine their interest in the project.  Officers Rose, Weaver and Simonson will consider the development of a volunteer crew to do the planting and generate a feasible schedule.

April - May 2014 Liaison Activity

Action: Attend City Council Agenda Planning Session 04/01/14
Furnished hard copy of following message to Chris Anderson, Chip Henderson, and Donna Williams requesting their input to the session (since we were not permitted to). 
Results: None
Follow Up action:  I delivered a copy to TFP reported Joy Luckachek with hope that she would amend any report of Council action.
Input/ Comments: City Council Agenda Session

Resolution (i) on 04/01/14 agenda
Subject: Resolution (i) on 04/01/14 City Council Agenda
From: Lloyd Longnion, Liaison_Southside Cowart Place Neighborhood Assn.

Please represent the following input on the Resolution (i) on today’s City Council Agenda:
“A resolution to authorize the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency {to} prepare an update to the comprehensive plan to develop an integrated land development and infrastructure planning framework to guide countywide land use planning documents and provide policy and code recommendations. (Planning)”

                                             Our (SCPNA) Input
Currently developers and government political representatives along with their planning staff drive the land use and planning process, including all zoning variance requests in both City and County context.  This leaves neighbors, as citizens, and neighborhood organizations, as representatives of various neighborhood areas, with inconvenient meeting schedules and sometimes no apparent points of access......resulting in ad hoc or retroactively adversarial forums to represent their needs and/or points of view.
In addition, the tools and resources necessary for citizen involvement in the process of planning and decision-making are difficult to access, where they exist at all.
In summary and as a simply stated request:
Any resolve on the City Council’s part should include a neighborhood/ citizen-centered process for planning.  
We, in the Southside Cowart Place Neighborhood Association, are counting on you to make certain your resolve represents our desire for an engagement process that is "neighborhood-OUT vs regional planning and developer-driven interests IN".
We stand ready to do our part!

Southside Cowart Plan Neighborhood Association

Results: No action by Anderson, Henderson or Williams on input to meeting either during agenda setting session or during actual Council meeting.  Presented information to Joy Luckachick of Times Free Press in case she does a follow up article on Planning Agency action and/or proposal.  Sent Anderson a Tweet indicating my disappointment and he responded with a telephone call requesting that I understand that he would continue to push the “rewording” request and explaining that he did not have the 5 votes required so that he did not comment. 
Note: Not certain Anderson understands the request but returned his call with a VM indicating that I was willing to continue to work with him to get the neighborhood-driven / centric planning engagement access we are seeking.

April 02 2014

Met with Seth and Rebecca Toker of the Main Street Farmers Market organization to explore their ideas for generating a proposal to Architectural Services Inc on Main for the creation of a green space / community focal point on their property.  Mr Toker requested to attend our next meeting and discuss ideas with interested residents.
Action: Will request that Mr Toker be given an oppty to engage members at next meeting on Thursday, April 16th at 6pm at the Water Tower Park.

April 02 2014
Activity: Text exchange with Kerrick Johnson, President of Fort Negley NA to determine his neighborhood association’s meeting schedule.  Indicated interest in exploring two proposals for possible collaboration: tree planting and Farmers Market Green Space proposal development. 
Result: Indicated an interest and said that though his next scheduled meeting was a couple of months off that he was willing to call a special meeting if decisions were needed before then.  Johnson wants to meet to discuss details.

April 03 2014

Activity: Clarify whether members of SCPNA leadership team were invited to NA Leadership Roundtable at 5:30 PM Thursday, April 3rd (Veranda Room, 3rd Floor City Hall).
Stacey nor Jay knew about it.  Dan planned to go. 
Result: Will accompany Dan and Stacey to determine value of future participation.

Activity: April 14 - Regional Planning Commission Meeting

RegionalPlanningCommission 04.14.14
(Items below are only items that pertain to District 7 Chattanooga activity that directly or indirectly through proximity (ie. Jefferson Heights) effect or neighborhood area.)

Preliminary Plats:
Cameron Harbor Phase 2, Lot 1, and Lots 3-20 -approved
Old Biz:
2014-023 Elemi Architecture, LLC/ Matt Winget/Paul Terya/ ALC HoldingsLLC-Rezone from R-1 R-2 and C-2 Conv Comm to UGC Rrban General Comm Zone (Neighborhood meetings = amend request to UGC zone; changed request to mixed use)  RPA Staff rec to approve eventhough late changes not studied: previous plan not current
In support: Applicant or support: Paul Tria? - developer= have made substantial improvements based on input from community. supporter:(4 min) engineer - drainage ditch improvements; asked by Henderson to commit to 1” stay standard: would not without developer approval

In opposition: Alan Field - and five others
Elizabeth Miller - concern about the height of bldg.;
Cathy Baker - 103 Ochs Hwy - height on 39th;
Mary Barnett - approp development;
Myia - congestion of traffic; monitor the kids to cross street; suffer the view
Mark - R1 & R2; stip for UGC; ask for variances later
Alan Field - Too tall (3); CNA review - lowest delinquency; solidly improving; not been about working together; 1996 plan - pg 103 - one or two bldg.

RPC Cannon- change was very late in process
Elemi - height (6ft 4 in = 40ft)
General discussion: bldg height; landscaping and water run off
O1” stay commitment? Henderson
Historical assoc = Mr field statement is untrue;
Opposition: push back a month; UDC; Myra Abernathy - owner; Field - 200 residents -
RPC Haynes- nature of request has changed; UGC to RPG not applied for; from 6 single family = R2 to RPG
Result: Joe Graham moves for approval of part of request by developer; suspends other part; neighborhood assn. voice heard but not favored; Historical Assn sides with developer.

Agenda Items: 8&9- MR-2014-033 & 34 City of Chatt / Real Property Gail Hart 34 City/County jointly-owned Back Tax Properties within Chattanooga City Limits City of Chattanooga Mandatory Referral: Acquisition & Surplus
Agenda Item 10. MR-2014-035 City of Chatt/real property Gail Hart - 3809 Alton Park Blvd 3800 block of West Ave & 901 W. 39th Street
Agenda Item #15 - A resolution to request the Chatt-Ham Co Reg Plan Agency seek to renew the Comprehensive Plan 2005 for the City.
Agenda Item #16 - Chapter 38 Zoning Ordinance to establish height and landscape requirements for structures in the C-3 Central Bus Zone that are Adjacent to Residentially Zoned Property
Note: Reached out to Heidi Hefferlin and Craig Kronenberg for their view on items #15 and 16

Observation/ Call for Action: Our neighborhood association should be heavily involved in the refinement of the Comprehensive Plan as described in agenda items #15.

Next Meeting April 17th…Need Volunteers!!

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder! Next SCPNA Meeting is on April 17th at 5:30 @ Water Tower Park.  Crawfish Boil starts at 5:30p, Meeting starts at 6:00p.  Can't wait to see you all there!

We still need volunteers to help spread the word about our meeting.  We'll be passing out door hangers on Sunday & Monday.  Email us at to help out!

Thanks so much!!

Crawfish Boil & Beer!! Volunteers Needed!!


Happy Friday, Everyone!

Hope you've all been enjoying the lovely Chattanooga weather!!  

Our next meeting will be on April 17th at 6p @ Water Tower Park.  We need volunteers to help get the word out! We're preparing door hangers to hand out the weekend before the meeting (Sunday 4-13 and Monday 4-14).  Which area of south side do you live?  Could you help out around your street or block?  Let us know!  Please email your availability by Friday, April 11.    

We really want to focus on cranking up membership this year and what better way to do that than with a Crawfish Boil and Free Beer! That's right :). The Water Tower Park meeting will include Louisiana crawfish and craft beer. Come meet and greet and eat starting at 5:30p, meeting starts at 6p. And don't forget to bring a friend!!  RSVP by April 14th!!

We've had a wonderful response from the south side community regarding priorities for 2014.  Responses rolled in from current members as well as potential new members!  The top 10 priorities for 2014 are listed below. 

1.  Murals
2.  Southside Electric Bus Route
3.  Bike Lanes
4.  Community Garden
5.  Main Street Crosswalks & Parking
6.  Rezoning Evaluation
7.  Dog Waste Stations
8.  Street Lights/Pollution
9.  Police Presence
10. Speed Control

We'll discuss our priorities further at the next meeting.  Look over the list and let us know if you're interested in spearheading a project! Our goal will be to create a task force/team for each priority to get things rolling. 

Don't forget Social Hour starting at 5p @ The Flying Squirrel tonight!

Thanks so much!!