Joint Meeting - Southside Neighborhood Associations

 Southside Neighborhood Associations: Cowart Place, Fort Negley, Jefferson Heights

Time: April 04 2013 (Wed) @ 6pm
Location:  Church on Main

Agenda/ Minutes
1) Welcome: Heidi Hefferlin, President welcomed residents of Jefferson Heights and Fort Negley to first joint meeting of the three neighborhood associations and three guests. (Joe Graham, County Commissioner for District 1 of the two county districts in the association area and our host owners of Church on Main)  
2) Voice of Southside: Introduction of the approximately 28 participants (see sign up sheet) was conducted with a nominal question: “What is main benefit and challenge in living in Southside neighborhoods?”

Energy - new construction, people and things happening (6)

Traffic flow and speed

Smart growth
Friendly people (6)
Affordable housing & education

Un-maintained lots, unoccupied housing and buildings
Community (3)
Need more trash receptacles

Walkability (3) - to local shops; exercise; downtown
Overcoming negative perception

Double taxation
Diversity (3) - age, income, race etc.

More night and weekend life/ openings
Mixed use housing
Sewer and chicken plant odors
Repurposed buildings; historic preservation
Parking - Free vs paid
Arts- public and commercial

3) Report on Cowart Place NA 2012 Priorities: Heidi Hefferlin
Of the the 12 priorities, three were reported in green or success status; four in yellow or cautiously progressive and four in low or no progress status.
- Priority 1A – Clean Up Corner of Market and 20th priority was highlighted as yellow due to marginal progress but was addressed with two Clean and Green events in April and September 2012 and continuous effort with Saturday clean sweeps.
-Priority 1B – Speed Control priority was successfully addressed with installation of stop signs at corner of 18th and Cowart and 17th and Long.
-Priority 2 – Sidewalks priority was successfully addressed by having three of the ten trip hazards addressed by Public Works.
-Priority 6 – Pocket Park priority was successfully addressed with construction of the park framework and the continuing fund raising campaign.
Recognition of the successful “Between The Sidewalks” dinner celebration project conducted by Teal Thibaud as part of her Leadership Institute class.

4) The Treasurer’s report was given by Cynthia Nesson indicating a First Tennessee bank balance of $3089.00 in the General Organization Fund and a balance of $21,262.50 in the Cowart Place Park Fund held in the Community Foundation Inc. 

 5) Establishing 2013 Priorities: Lloyd Longnion
Using the committee structure as a basis for designating categories of task force work to be initiated and/or on-going for 2013, Longnion applied some of the Voice of the Southside input to define task force priorities for 2013.

Liaison Task Force 2013:
-  Longnion will be surveying members of Jefferson Heights and Fort Negley Neighborhood Associations to determine the level of satisfaction/ desire to have combined meetings like this one.
-  Chris Anderson, Councilman-Elect for District 7 gave a brief statement of his intentions to serve this area and address some of the benefits and challenges gathered during the Voice of the Southside discussion.  He invited all to attend the inauguration session on April 15th at the Tivoli.
-  Commissioner Joe Graham indicated his wish to be involved with the neighborhood associations.

Open Space Task Force 2013:

- Pocket Park activity continuation requires on-going fund raising.  Cynthia Nesson and Heidi Hefferlin presented a report showing the current donation sources and expenses encumbered to date and in near term:

Lynhurst & The Well & ChooChoo Partners (Carry Forward)
Other Donations:

Area 203
$ 750.00
$ 750.00
Chattanooga Engineering

MainX24 Pancake Breakfast
Total Donations:
$ 21, 262.50

Yerby Concrete (Walkways)
$ 18,000.00
Fill Dirt & Sod-Immediate Need
$3, 679.36
Total Commitments:
$21, 679.36

Heidi Hefferlin requested that a vote of the membership be conducted via the SCPNA web site to authorize the expenditure of up to $2,500.00 from the General Fund to the Cowart Place Park Fund at the Community Foundation to cover the short-fall.              

Ö     St. Georges Update: Heidi Hefferlin presented status of communication between the Association and Cornerstone regarding the proposal submitted by SCPNA.  A letter of response will be posted on the Association’s website.
Ö     Clean & Green Event:
-  Longnion distributed a sign up sheet for participants in Saturday, April 4th event.  Participants were invited to meet at corner of Main and Market at 9am Saturday morning.  Complimentary coffee will be served at the Mean Mug to participants in the event.  In addition, the new Southside Cowart Place Neighborhood white cap would be available for participants in this and the regular Saturday morning trash sweeps.

Safety Task Force 2013: Teal Thibaud reported on the Neighborhood Walk program that she had conducted over the past year and indicated that next Walk is scheduled for  7pm on April 29 and following on each last Thursday of the month. 

Public Relations Task Force 2013:
            -A brief discussion regarding the feasibility of continuing our involvement with Main X   24.  A final decision will be made at next meeting in July.
            -A brief discussion about taking a position on the use of the Southside Heritage Society’s NEXT DOOR web site to communicate new developments and crime       within the neighborhood.  No decision was made.
            -”Between the Sidewalks” celebration continuation will be discussed at next meeting.  Jefferson Heights will be having their July 4th celebration the week of on 18th and Adams.

6) Wrap Up
                                        NOTICE: Next meeting:  July 2013

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