CNE NeighborGood Mixer @ Sept 27, 2012 6:30 pm

Southside Neighbors,

On Thursday, September 27th, Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE) will be hosting the Southside NeighborGood Mixer at 129 W. 17th Street. The mixer is a fundraiser to support CNE’s revolving loan fund that will be invested into Chattanooga neighborhoods like the Southside. Since this quarter’s mixer will be hosted in the Southside we wanted to make sure that you all were invited and able to represent our great neighborhood. Below you will find the invitation for the mixer as well as a link which will direct you to a site where you can purchase tickets for the event. We hope to see you all on Thursday!

Attention All Clean & Greeners.....It's That Time Again!!

Saturday    September 8th    9AM   Corner of Main & Market

Thank you for participating in the Fall 2012 Clean and Green campaign. The Southside Cowart and Jefferson Heights Neighborhood associations, Battle Academy,several local businesses (OCI, Mean Mug, etc.) and interested individuals, are collaborating to address basic beautification opportunities in the greater Southside neighborhood area!

Let’s meet at the northeast corner of Main and Market at the proposed Mission site at: 
9AM on Saturday, September 8th. 

Wake Up with a Mean Mug coffee
On your way to meet with us be sure and stop by Mean Mug at 411 West Main for a complementary coffee to get you going!  Some juice and muffins will be awaiting you at the gathering site on Main and Market compliments of The Well and Jefferson Heights Neighborhood Assn.
All materials, including a street map for each team, will be provided by River City, Scenic Cities and other cooperating organizations and individuals at the gathering point.

 10 Street-Specific Teams Will Be Designated When We Gather on Saturday Morning
((Broad , Cowart, Williams, Long, Market, Mitchell, Read, Adams, Jefferson, Madison)

Tasks To Be Completed:

Ö      Shoot It - From Main to 20th/ Rossville down (YOUR ASSIGNED STREET) document (and digitally capture) all broken and unmaintained sidewalks.  Send these captures to to be included in a report to the appropriate City officials as part of an effort to get immediate action.  If you do not have digital capture capability, just highlight the broken or unmaintained sidewalks on your map.
Ö       Detect It - Note and/or capture locations where “tagging” is evident.  This too will be part of a report for action by City and the involved neighborhood organizations.
Ö      Bag It - Use garbage bags provided to gather trash along your asssigned streets and the cross streets.
Ö      Dump It - Deposit filled garbage bags in authorized dumpsters at Best Motors(Cowart),Enterprise (19th) and Koch Bakery (Broad) or leave at designated pick up sites shown on your map.

Note:   We will be attempting to recover (clean debris, grass and edge, if we have equipment) some boundary sidewalks on 20th, Williams. Long and Cowart during this 9am to 11am timeframe.  Once you complete your tasks you are welcomed to join in the fun!!

Call Lloyd Longnion (Cell: 206.931.4342) to express your delight!