Crime alert: Southside Cowart Google Group

Tony Brown was broken into last night & he confronted the thieves with his gun. Fortunately, nothing happened & they ran. I was just home for lunch & and I saw three police cars in the neighborhood. I saw one walking from a house at 18th & Williams, so I stopped to speak with him. There was another break-in today at around 11:30a at that house. He was in the midst of the investigation, but gave me his contact information for future use. Can you please post this information on the Google group?  He stated that we can call his personal cell (693.3264) anytime between 7a-3p that he is patrolling our area. And after 3p to call the non-emergency city dispatch (698.2525). It's Officer B. Smith, badge # 996.

He stated that he patrols our neighborhood & has for some years. He has noticed the increase in crime, but he keeps hearing of stories where people are noticing suspicious activities, but not calling in time or at all. Today was another example of this. Can you please help spread the word?


Monica Maples
Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant Group, Inc.
Big River Grille & Brewing Works

Fwd: Mainx24 Planning session

To Supporters of the Southside Neighborhoods:

It's that time of year again to begin planning for the 4th annual
Mainx24. This year's Mainx24 will begin on December 4th . Accordingly
we will have a planning meeting on:

September 28th  @ 5:30 @ green/spaces (63 e main street)

If you:
1)      Wish to host/coordinate an event
2)      Want to participate in the now famous mainx24 parade
3)      Want to volunteer
4)      Just want to know what's going on

Then please join your neighbors, our great businesses and your friends
in the preparations to make our annual neighborhood event the best in
the city. If you can't participate on 28th  but want to help, then
drop either Kent, David and/or I an email.

See you on Tuesday, September 28th.


david hudson/kent underwood/ ken hays

This link ( )  will take you to the
memories of last year (Chattanooga Time Free Press Photo Contest

Green Infrastructure Workshop Sept 30

Photo Contest Details

CONTEST DATES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
White Dog
The Contest begins on September 10th
and will last until October 16th.
HOW TO ENTER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mail the form below, an 8x10 photo of your pet and a $5 donation to
Wally's Friends
PO Box 16100
Chattanooga, TN 37416
Drop off you entry at Wally's Friends Spay/Neuter Clinic
Email your entry to ($5 Donation must be recieved to enter your pet in the contest)



City, State, Zip________________________________________

Home phone:________________________________________

Work/cell phone: ____________________________________


I have a: ¨ dog ¨ cat

Pet's name: _________________________________________

Shelter animal? ¨ dog ¨ cat ¨ other

Primary breed: _______________________________________

8x10 photo title: ______________________________________

Comments about pet or photo: ______________________

Please indicate method of donation (circle one)
Cash Check

Signature: __________________________________________

Drop your entry off at Wally's Friends Clinic
155 Unaka Street, Red Bank, TN 37415


Send entries to: Wally's Fr iends Photo Contest P.O. Box 16100, Chattanooga, TN 37416

By entering this contest, you grant Wally's Friends the use of your photograph and any copies thereof for any and all purposes.
Photo disclaimer: Please do not send distasteful photos, photos with people, or photos with advertising. Wally's Friends reserves the right to refuse any photos submitted. Any professional photos must include signed permission from the photographer in order to be printed.

Wally's Friends Spay/Neuter Clinic
Phone: 423-877-9966
Address: PO Box 16100, Chattanooga, TN 37416