Meeting 6pm- Feb 11 2010 -Battle Academy

Feb 11th, 2010 (Thursday)                          Location: Battle Academy

A.    Call to order
B.    Roll Call
C.   Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes
D.   Treasurer’s Report
E.    Committee Updates
F.    By-Law Revision
G.   Southside Neighborhood Banners
H.   Meeting Frequency & Location
I.      National Clean Up Day
J.     Boundary Changes
K.   Neighborhood Concerns
L.    RoundRoom
M.  Adjournment

Next meeting:  Thursday, March 11, 2010

~2010 Southside officers~
President: Armando Rodriguez – (423) 322-3809
Vice President: Craig Kronenberg – (423) 265-6636
Secretary: Tahnika Rodriguez – (423) 280-4949
Treasurer: Cynthia Nesson – (423) 265-4666