Open an account at to lend items, rent them out or borrow items - Fee of 4.99 via paypal to verify user.
OR similar, no fee to verify but must share a credit card number. Allows for deposit to prevent damage.

Schedule recycling via pickup for remainder of this year... (you must sign up)

Calendar for Area 2

What to Put on the Curb

  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • All paper grades (except shredded)
  • Plastic #1 and #2 (bottles with a neck)
  • Aluminum cans
  • Steel cans (only item that needs food residue washed out)

How to Prepare Your Curbside Recyclables

  • All items must be in blue bags, clear bags or a covered bin labeled "Recycle"
  • Items do not need to be sorted – all curbside recyclables may be placed in the same bag
  • Lids do not need to be removed from plastic recyclables
  • Aluminum cans do not need to be crushed
Call 311 for large garbage items or brush pickup.

Local Representatives
County Commisioner Warren Mackey
City Councilman Andre McGrary

Southside Precinct: (423) 425-3580

Alerts - Crime Reports, etc.

To alert the entire neighborhood to an emergency...please email
The email will be seen by officer and web site staff and shared with entire association mailing list.

Additional Resources - sign up for alerts at...
and NOW

City Links

City Council Agendas and Minutes
City Code
City Ordinances & Resolutions 
City Council Member for District 8
Curbside Recycling Days (sign up) & Guidelines

SeeClickFix - in our neighborhood

Also email Chattanooga 311 at or follow link to the online form