Riverbend Forces Delay of Neighborhood Meeting

With Friend of the Festival holding firm on the dates for Riverbend and specifically the date for the B-52s, you neighborhood association has been forced to delay the June meeting to June 18th. This should not discourage you from meeting with your neighbors on June 11 to attend the much anticipated show... But understand that sadly no work will be accomplished.

The official neighborhood assocation meeting for June will be held June 18 at Main and Mocha (basement) from 6-7pm. We should be able to deside on a final design for the street sign toppers and begin work on the National Night Out scheduled for Aug 4th. Again, volunteers are needed.

National Night Out!! August 4TH

Planners and participants are requested to volunteer for the Southside Cowart first National Night Out. Information on the 2009 National Night Out can be found here. A new committee is forming beginning the May neighborhood meeting to determine how we will participate.
Please attend the meeting and share ideas and volunteer. Contact info@sscowart.com for more information.

Parking changes at Wednesday Market

From Main Street Market email update...
We are making some changes this week to the market parking. First off, we will be closing the lot where the farmers set up to all cars. We are planning on having a couple more farms to join us at the market soon, so we need the extra space for them. Also, we feel that the lot has been getting a little too dangerous with all the cars pulling in amongst children playing. We want to make the lot a safe sociable place where you can come and meet new friends. So, this week you will need to either park in the lot next to us ( we will have a sign showing you where), or in the large lot behind Hills Floral shop off of Long St. You can walk from the Hills Floral lot to the market by coming in behind Hiroshi's and then walking between Hiroshi's and their neighbor; then please carefully cross Main St. You can view the map to the right to see where parking is available. Do not forget, you can also park on Main and Williams St. We hope that these changes will create a safer more enjoyable market for everyone, please let us know what you think.