Vote For 2014 Neighborhood Partners Program

Vote Over ---- 24 of 45 paid members vote YES!!! by 5 pm.

     More than 50% so we will be submitting the following projects.

Vote For 2014 Neighborhood Partners Program

The SSCPNA Board is asking for approval of our proposed project and alternative project for a grant from the City under the 2014 Neighborhood Partners Program. In previous years we have gotten the grant for South-side caps, printing and postage of stationery, envelopes, postcards, etc., street sign toppers, and banners. We hope that the City will pick one of these for us to move forward with.

*****Proposed Project
Signage consisting of one large sign and five smaller signs to be place in neighborhood high traffic areas regarding way finding of our new Water Tower Park (previously referred to as our pocket park). Signs to be designed and fabricated by local businesses.

*****Alternative Project:
A mural to be affixed to a wall at or near the corner of 20th and Broad Streets. The mural would serve as a gateway or entry to our neighborhood.

It is required that our membership approve these proposals before we submit our letter of intent to the city.

We need a reply by Friday, Sept. 6th at 5:00 pm.